Friday, April 10, 2009

Refinishing furniture for a great change

I worked on this project about a year ago. This dresser was a piece of furniture Ken had as a child. It was still in very good condition and was solid wood. I just didn't like how it looked in our home. First I removed the wood handles from each drawer and wardrobe portion. The screw holes had to be filled with some wood putty. Second I had to sand the dresser to remove the finish. This is the step that takes the longest. Luckily I have a small electric sander. Then I cleaned and dusted everything off so I could paint the piece. I applied three coats of white paint. Lastly, I attached new hardware to each drawer and the wardrobe.
Refinishing furniture is a fun project. I would recommend starting with something small like an end table or nightstand. Find something at a thrift store or something you have been storing away. This is a good project to do in the garage or outside if it is warm enough.

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