Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day! RECYCLE PLEASE!

I love that Salt Lake County provides curbside bimonthly collection of paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum, and steel. If you live in an area that provides this type of service, make sure to use it!

Ever since I started recycling I always feel bad about throwing away glass containers. It just seems like they shouldn't go in a landfill somewhere. I have a box in my garage for clear glass bottles and containers. When I finish using a bottle of Prego sauce I rinse it and put it in my garage. When the box is full I take it to a local glass drop-off location. I found the addresses for glass drop-off locations by using a search engine and typing in my city and "glass recycling". My county website had lots of helpful information for recycling and disposal of waste materials. Your county or city should also have a drop-off location for the following hazardous materials (or items that shouldn't be put in the regular trash): electronics, paint, oil, antifreeze, batteries, propane, fluorescents, chemicals. When you clean out your garage this spring, collect all of these items and drop them off where they can be disposed of properly.

When cleaning out your medicine cabinet, don't flush your old medications down the toilet! Our water is already polluted with tons of medications; let's keep our water clean and safe! Search on the Internet for "Prescription Medication Disposal Locations" (in Salt Lake you can drop them off at certain police stations or pharmacies)

Use the following website to find locations to dispose of old batteries that contain lithium, mercury, nickel, lead or other potentially harmful materials:

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