Monday, April 20, 2009

Another plug for Fels Naptha soap

Back on 2/22 I wrote a snipet about Fel Naptha soap for getting out stains. My sister told me about this soap. Since that time I bought a bar for less than $2.00 at the grocery store (look on the very top shelf of the detergent aisle). I have used it on so many stains and it has so far always worked great. I never am good about pretreating a stain. All of our stained clothes just go right in the laundry basket until laundry day. Before putting the stained clothes in the washer I just wet the dirty spot and rub on the fels naptha. It gets everything out including red punch stains, baby stains, and chocolate stains.


  1. LOVE this stuff, which my mother-in-law introduced me to. Hasn't failed me yet.

  2. Hi Gina. I found your blog this morning for the first time. Lots of great stuff here. Thanks for this fels tip. On the shopping list it goes!