Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to save money at the grocery store

The easiest way for me to save money at the grocery store is to NOT bring my son or husband. If I shop alone I don't get as many unnecessary items. For example, at Smith's grocery store on Wednesday I bought Mini Oreos for $1.00 and Gatorade for $1.00 for Daniel. I end up getting a treat and opening it up so he will sit in the cart and be patient while I shop. Once he had the cookies he got thirsty, hence the Gatorade. My husband is almost worse than taking Daniel along. He gets junk food for himself like chips, donuts, or cookies. I hardly ever buy those items myself. He also likes to go to the magazine aisle which is something I never purchase.


  1. hahah! i COMPLETELY understand! i constantly have to talk my fiance out of purchases we don't need!

  2. I dispise taking my kids shopping. It always ends up in a disaster. One time we were at Wal-Mart shopping and the electricity went out all over town, including WM. We had to evacuate the store and leave our carts. The kids had both opened up some gatorade to drink, because they always get hungry and thirsty when we are at the grocery store. They only had a few sips, and we tightened the lids back on. So we left our carts with all of our food in it. I was thinking that I hope they didn't put those drinks back on the shelf! Yikes!!

  3. That was Jill by the way.